Wagyu Wednesday

Wagyu Wednesday in Columbus, OH

Why chew a steak when it can melt in your mouth?

Fireproof is proud to dedicate Wednesdays to Wagyu!

The exclusive Wagyu Wednesday menu available at our Columbus, OH, location is filled with mouth-watering modern and traditional Wagyu dining options. From our Wagyu steak specials to other tantalizing Wagyu dishes, Fireproof has the highest quality meat options you’ve been looking for!

You may be asking yourself, what puts the Wagyu in Wagyu beef? Let us explain…

The difference in Wagyu beef is distinguished by having a highly marbled texture and higher healthy fat percentage than more traditional beef selections. Wagyu beef contains omega acids that have a low melting point. This means that during the cooking process, the higher concentration of fats creates uniquely textured meat that melts in your mouth. The flavor of our Wagyu beef is unequaled and provides an unbelievable eating experience!

If you’ve been desperate to find an American Wagyu restaurant in Columbus, OH, Fireproof is your spot!

Fireproof Restaurant offers a wagyu Wednesday menu for customers in the Columbus, Ohio, area.”

Enjoy Weekly Wagyu and Wine Specials in Columbus, OH

What better way to accompany one of our Wagyu steak specials than with a glass of wine? As a premier American Wagyu restaurant, Fireproof also offers one-of-a-kind wine selections to further enhance our Wagyu dining options. Available on our Wagyu Wednesday menu are:

Prisoner Wine 1.5L Magnum
Bottle- $99.00
Glass- $15.00

Unshackled by Prisoner Wine
Cabernet Sauvignon- $49.00

Red or White Sangria
By the glass- $7.00

Experience Dining at Fireproof Restaurant in the Short North

Once reserved for only the elite, now you too can enjoy exclusive Wagyu specials. Whether you want to try a steak or check out our Wagyu sliders menu selections, Fireproof has the high-quality beef you’ve been craving. If steak isn’t your first choice, discover our other menus:

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Expect only the best with Fireproof’s Wagyu Wednesday menu available at our location in Columbus, OH!

Expect only the best with Fireproof’s Wagyu Wednesday menu available at our location in Columbus, OH!